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Overview of company

Carnot has developed a patented process that is capable of compressing air in isothermal manner. This allows for a constant temperature and improves the technology to one, single moving part for compression. By efficently capturing the heat from compression, we’re able to greatly reduce the operating cost – and thanks to the simplicity of our design – total costs of ownership are driven down, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies. 

Todd Thompson

Co-Founder & CEO

Company Highlights

  • Since forming the company in 2014 we’ve steadily developed our technology through a series of component tests, prototypes, and patents, leading to a pre-commercial prototype that is currently being tested under a grant from the California Energy Commission. 
  • Our progress has been fueled by multiple million-dollar grants from the National Science Foundation and the California Energy Commission (in partnership with the Gas Technology Institute), Funding from these grants has helped accelerate our development to its current near-commercial state. Additionally, we have invested in filling five patents to protect out intellectual property. 

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