How COVID-19 is Impacting Venture Funding

Monday, September 28
9:30 AM –10:30 AM

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Angie Mertens

Angie Mertens has been spearheading ONE WORLD Training as the Program Director since 2015, where she is convening and educating social entrepreneurs, investors and corporates in the Bay Area.

ONE WORLD provides organizations training and capital to profitably increase their social impact. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we leverage our expertise in developing leaders to deliver innovative approaches to increase social impact in a way that it is profitable, sustainable, and scalable.

She has curated and produced 50+ social impact events and enterprise showcases in collaboration with organizations such as Social Venture Circle, toniic, Nia Impact Capital, Spero Ventures etc.

Ullas Naik

Streamlined Ventures
Ullas is a seasoned venture capitalist, angel investor and entrepreneur with over two decades of entrepreneurial and early stage investment experience across nearly 350 companies.

Ullas is currently spending his time in areas including Data Science, Applied AI Technologies as well as new Computing Technologies including Block Chain based models, Quantum Computing, AR and VR.

Prior to founding Streamlined Ventures, he co-founded investment firm Cota Capital. Prior to that, Ullas was a senior member of the investment team for 12 years at Globespan Capital and helped build that firm.and an honorary doctorate from Babson College.


Toby Corey
Toby Corey is a successful entrepreneur and 10-year Stanford University lecturer. He held executive positions at Novell, USWeb (founder), Autodesk, Solarcity and Tesla.

He’s a restless soul turned Zentrepreneur, passionate about sustainability and inspiring creativity for greater good. Toby lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Susan and dog Cisco.