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Overview of company

Obatala Sciences is a biotechnology toolkit company that is addressing a critically unmet knowlegde gap contributing to a $2 Trillion global economic burden annually within the fields of obesity, diabetes, and regenerative medicine. There is a need for higher quality human tissue models that aren’t as heavily reliant on mice during the drug development process. We are using our collective 75+ years of expertise in human biology and 25+ years of management experience, to address this gap by manufacturing the first-to-market human blood-derived hydrogels and supportive cell and media products for improving our understanding of how human biology behaves in response to therapies.

Trivia Frazier, PhD, MBA

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Company Highlights

  •  In essence, we are making the ‘picks and shovels’ for researchers to ‘mine’ for new cures. We are profitable and have generated over $2 million TTD in revenue from product and contract and $1.78 million TTD in non-dilutive capital. 
  •  We are revenue-generating, and in a growth stage. We have sustained our operations for years without investment capital, by bootstrapping with $1.5 million in sweat equity from our founders.

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