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Overview of company

Omni Bev is a woman-owned business proudly introducing the world’s first ready-to-drink authentic Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee. Together, we are on a mission to evolve the coffee industry, raise standards, create unique flavors that reflect traditional Vietnamese coffee profiles. From the grower to the roaster, our coffee beans are harvested directly from our family farm in Vietnam and then brewed in our home state, California. Carefully selected for exceptional quality, our single-origin cold brews are handcrafted in small batches to ensure peak flavor and the freshest quality with every sip.

Tammy Huynh

Founder and CEO

Company Highlights

  • Funding raised to date: $450K
  • Single Origin
  • We are able to produce 200K bottles per day for our 4 flavors
    • Good Morning Saigon
    • Coconut Matcha
    • Coconut
    • Black

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