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Drones, Automation, and Robotic Technology (DART)

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Overview of company

Parallel Flight Technologies has created patent-pending technology that enables drone to carry heavy payloads for over two hours. This will make it ideal for use in fighting wildfires, search and rescue, and logistics missions. Our unmanned, autonomous aircraft open new possibilities for the safety of first responders, logistics, and UAM. We have funding from NASA and NSF.

Joshua Resnick

Founder and CEO

Company Highlights

  • US-made drone technology with 1.7M raised already through grants (including support from USDA), private investment, and Reg CF Partnership with NASA and NSF (National Science Foundation) through SBIR grants
  • 12 LOIs already signed by major corporate partners
  • Prototype tested in 2019, beta product now in development, deliveries planned for early 2021
Drones With Chansaws

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