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Food Waste Reduction / Co-Packing / Agricultural

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Overview of company

We are a food-waste reduction company based in Santa Cruz, California providing shelf-stable products that would otherwise become compost or landfill. We carefully adapt each client’s products to allow all farms to find their “Sense of Place’ so farmers’ markets are full of bounty with different products, from jelies to hot sauce, we got this! 

Tabitha Stroup


Company Highlights

  • Established in March 2019, we are in a growing phase
  • Profitable in Year 1
  • Low Debt
  • Featured in California Bountiful and Modern Farmer Magazine
  • Organic Certification in the process
  • Over 100 shelf-stable state-certified formulas for farmer clients to choose from
  • Currently working on a year-round end cap program in all New Leaf Markets to highlight Terroir in a Jar and all the farmers we work with. It will launch early 2021
  • We help farmers express their sense of place through our profit positive program 

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