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Climate Change Education and Outreach

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Overview of company

Through powerful immersive digital experiences and inclusive community engagement, our goal is to educate, drive action, and inspire hope in the future of our planet. We do that by leveraging the latest technology and pairing it with effective and highly creative storytelling to help communitites better understand the imminent impacts of climate change and visualize practical solutions. 

Juliano Calil

Founder and CEO

Company Highlights

  • Revenues to date: $150K
  • Product Development Status:
    • We have fully developed the Sea Level Rise Explorer framework with multiple features including integreated 3D models generated from dron images, 360 degrees aerial views, interactive navigation, multi-language support and many others. 
    • To date, we have fully delivered 5 applications (two virtual reality, one web-based, and mobile for iOS and Andriod, and currently developing 5 other projects).
  • Current and Past Projects:
    1. Costal Adaption:
      1. Turner Station, MD
      2. The City of Santa Cruz, CA
      3. Long Beach, CA
      4. Elkhorn Slough, CA
      5. Goleta Beach, CA
    2. Wildfire:
      1. Paradise, CA
    3. Other educational and engagment activites:
      1. California’s Marine Protected Aread (VR class for mid- and high-schoolers)
      2. Sea level rise explorer communications game 
  • Clients and main partners:
    • The City of Santa Cruz
    • The Nature Conservancy (MD and CA chapters)
    • Paradise Recreation and Parks District (pro bono)
    • Santa Barbara County
    • California’s Ocean Protection Concil
    • Aquarium of the Pacific
    • Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (NOAA)
    • University of California Santa Cruz
    • Stanford’s Virtual Human Interactions Lab
    • United States Geological Survey
    • NOAA (data sources and models)
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